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90-year-old drives even older car

Even if I do decide to pursue a career in Insurance, I’m still going to Blog. Oh, you better believe it. And ONE BIG BLOG that I start work on this weekend is the Story of Me.

#1 90-year-old drives even older car

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90-year-old drives even older car

Do you have a parent who is getting older? My mom will be 88 years old this month. She's proud of her car, a huge Cadillac in mint condition with only 50, miles on it. Most of the time it sits in the garage of her 90-year-old drives even older car where she lives independently. If you have older parents who still drive, you know that's when it gets awkward. When you wonder, "Is this the right time to step in? But we also want them, and the people around them, to be safe. As an article in the August issue of Psychiatric Times pointed out, there are 22 million older adults 78 percent still driving with a valid drivers license. We all know that with age, we react slower, see less well, and find it more challenging to multitask. Throw in the possibility of mild dementia and Parkinson's Disease and it's not surprising that drivers Laptop sperm permanent than 80 have the highest rate of accidents of every other group -- except teenagers. So like many of you, I've got to deal with the car keys of both groups because I have a teenage son. But that's another blog. Now I'm not saying that every individual over a certain age should stop driving. Many are excellent drivers. But there are no standardized national guidelines for what constitutes a "dangerous" driver. So here are some ways you can assess your parents to decide if you should have the "car key talk" with them, along with some things that can help them be as safe as possible:. Talk with their doctor about your parents' vision, mental status and physical limitations. Ethical guidelines from the American Medical Association permit doctors to contact their state's Department of Motor Vehicles DMV if they think a patient puts Contacts stock photography brunette teen public at risk. Make sure their eyes are checked annually for vision changes, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. This helps prevent falls as well. This test is defined as "the area over which a person can extract information in a single glance without moving his or her head or eye. Refer them to a hospital-based occupational therapy program for a road test. If possible, make sure their car has automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and large mirrors. Do you feel safe when you drive with them? Would you feel comfortable letting them drive your child? Would you feel comfortable walking on the sidewalk near them or driving in the lane next to where they are driving? The ramifications of "taking away the keys" are potentially great. 90-year-old drives even older car show that people who don't drive are more likely to become isolated, have lower self-esteem, become depressed, and end up in a nursing home. If your parent has stopped driving either voluntarily or involuntarily, there are two important things to prevent. The first is immobilization. Older people need to shop, go to the doctor, the post office, the...

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It is a debate that causes strong and sometimes heated emotions on both sides of the issue. The driver, Sara Bell Kennedy, told investigators she put the van in reverse and the next thing she knew people were pulling her out of the vehicle. Now almost 87 years old, Kennedy still has an active North Carolina driver's license and continues to drive. When it comes to older drivers, the statistics are conflicting. According to statistics from the. The organization's statistics also show older drivers drink and drive the least and wear seat belts the most. On the other hand, aside from teenagers, NHTSA statistics show older drivers have the highest rate of fatal crashes per mile driven. One reason is because they are more fragile and susceptible to injury. Another issue is deteriorating health. While many seniors are in good health, federal statistics estimate that close to half of people 85 and older have some form of dementia, typically caused by Alzheimer's disease. Yet, they don't have the reflexes, the vision, those other things you need to be a safe driver," said Wayne Hurder of the. North Carolina stands in the middle of the road when it comes to restrictions on older drivers. Every five years, they must complete a vision and sign test to renew their licenses. Illinois requires renewals every two years after age 80 and every year for drivers 87 and older. On the other end of the spectrum in Tennessee, drivers 65 and older never have to renew again. The AARP opposes any legislation to tighten renewal times and standards for seniors. Instead, the organization pushes the voluntary use of its 55 Alive program. Pat Sprunt, 76, stays active and drives wherever she needs to go. She sees no point in more testing, but she feels everyone can benefit from 55 Alive. Kennedy said she will always live with the grief. Despite the accident, she never lost her license. After a battery of tests, the state restricted her to only daytime driving and no interstates. Kennedy continues to drive around Smithfield for her church work and to run errands. The Murrays hold no ill will toward Kennedy, but, they do believe the tragedy should compel families to keep a close eye on older relatives and the state to take a hard look at stricter licensing standards for seniors. Legislation that would have tightened the renewal time...


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Log in or Sign up. Do you know anybody over age 90 who is still driving? Aug 27, Messages: I went to clear the snow from around my mom's car today and while I was at it she asked me to clean the snow from around her friend's car too. They both live in apartments for the elderly Anyway as I am cleaning her friends car area, my mom mentioned that this woman was going to be 94 years old next week. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that a 94 year old person would still be driving My mom is almost 70, and I imagine her doctor will be telling her not to drive anymore. I'm surprised he hasn't already. I am NOT saying 70 year olds shouldn't drive, but I wouldn't mind if they had to take a test every 3 -5 years. My FIL is 84 and he drives He scares the bejeezus out of me when he drives. Same with my 88 year old grandmother. She is very mentally on top of things, but has no reflexes. No way she should be driving. It literally takes her 3 seconds to reach up and scratch her head if it itches. Do you know any people that are 90 years old, or older, who are still driving Big Cuddly Bear , Jan 31, Dec 13, Messages: MichelleVW , Jan 31, Aug 3, Messages: Mar 20, Messages: I thought it was up to family members to report if an elderly person shouldn't drive. Sep 26, Messages: My grandfather turns 90 in 2 weeks and he still drives but he is very active for his age as far as I know over here he has to do a yearly health and eye check to keep his drivers license and yes I would get in the car with him driving. Feb 26, Messages: Both of my grandfathers - ages 88 and 92 still drive. The 88 year old grandfather still drives quite a bit. My parents and my aunt and uncle make a point to ride with him periodically to...


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As age increases, older drivers generally become more conservative on the road. Many mature drivers modify their driving habits for instance to avoid busy highways or night-time driving to match their declining capabilities. However, statistics show that older drivers are more likely than younger ones to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes, particularly at intersections. Research on age-related driving concerns has shown that at around the age of 65 drivers face an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. After the age of 75, the risk of driver fatality increases sharply, because older drivers are more vulnerable to both crash-related injury and death. Three behavioral factors in particular may contribute to these statistics: Concern about the increased number of older drivers and their potentially decreased driving abilities is growing, especially among younger drivers. Statistics, based on all people injured or killed in traffic crashes, indicate that older drivers are at a disproportionate risk for becoming involved in fatal crashes. In a NHTSA study, older people made up 9 percent of the population but accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities and 17 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. Statistics show that in two-vehicle fatal crashes involving an older and a younger driver, it is 3. Drivers over 65, along with new teen-age drivers, have the highest accident rates per miles driven. Another NHTSA study found that on the basis of estimated annual travel, the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is nine times as high as the rate for drivers 25 through 69 years old. Lawrence Nitz, a political scientist from the University of Hawaii, conducted a three-year study of Hawaiian traffic records and found that drivers over 75 were far more likely than other motorists to be cited for certain offenses, including failing to yield to pedestrians,...


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More than once, this elderly woman has driven her vintage Skylark straight into and over the traffic circle on my street. The first time she did that, I laughed. Then I took a look at the statistics for older drivers and talked with some experts in the field. Not just about Ms. Magoo, but about the growing number of elderly drivers on the road and the millions of older snowbirds from up north loading up their cars and RVs right about now and starting their annual migration south. That day, George Russell Weller killed 10 people and injured about 70 more. He also brought national attention to a growing problem that even the most well-mannered travelers have trouble confronting. According to the Federal Highway Administration, mile for mile, the elderly have higher crash rates than any other driving group except teenagers. By the time rolls around, older drivers will make up 25 percent of all motorists. Additionally, folks are living — and keeping their driving licenses — longer than ever before. And because boomers are known for being stubborn, getting older drivers to pull off the road will surely become more of a challenge. While age alone doesn't automatically make a bad driver, we know our cognitive functions, vision, hearing and other physical abilities decline with age. It stands to reason that driving skills will decline, too. Yet, giving up a car and the independence that comes along with it is a top concern among most senior citizens. What can you do? Have you tried convincing an aging parent, relative or friend to stop driving? Some people try reasoning. Others seek assistance from doctors and other authorities. Think about what the car represents to them. Is this their freedom, their youth, their independence, their status? Anticipate reactions and objections: It...

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90-year-old drives even older car

When it's time for Grandma to stop driving

My FIL is 84 and he drives. but I sure as heck won't get in the car Do you know any people that are 90 years old, or older, who are still .. She is in church every Sunday, all dressed up, and she doesn't even use a walker. She's into clothing and cars Why is a year-old style icon suddenly such a hot property? . Apfel's appeal is apparently enough to hop categories and make you believe a year-old New Yorker is driving around town in a DS 3. But someday, the headlines won't even have to mention her age. Last fall, Gordon Yeager, 94, and his wife, Norma, 90, died together, holding hands in the Iowa hospital where they had been taken after a car accident. What the fulsome tributes to the couple's year marriage generally failed to note As the boomers head toward senescence, the old will account for a. Would YOU shop your year-old dad for being a dangerous driver? He moved his body with the wheel of his car, so went round every corner with Committee for Transport Safety as the solution to a large rise in older drivers. He did not even check if my father could read a numberplate at 25 yards. Technology. Google confirms it's tracking you even if your device is turned off . The organization's statistics also show older drivers drink and drive the least and wear seat belts the most. state Division of Motor Vehicles. Despite that, North Carolina tests year-old drivers just like year-olds.

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