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Clonazepam breast feeding

Clonazepam is a affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced. Clonazepam is also a seizure medicine, also called an anti-epileptic drug.

#1 Clonazepam breast feeding

Clonazepam - Clinical Pharmacology.

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Clonazepam breast feeding

A must-read every morning. I was an ordinary doctor until I found Medscape. A wonderful Clonazepam breast feeding tool with great updates. Sign Up It's Free! Not a Medscape Member? Log in without password NEW! Business of Medicine Navigate the complex business, legal, and ethical arenas towards building and maintaining a successful medical practice. Expert Perspective Follow experts from across more than 30 medical specialties who share their viewpoints and guidance on medical developments as Massachusetts constitution gay marriage unfold. Disease and Condition Articles. Essential reference tools, including a drug-interaction checker, medical calculators, and a pill identifier. Joint Accredited with multiple accreditations, including:. Get helpful advice on your cases from a community of physicians. Gain Essential Business Knowledge. Better navigate the business aspects of medicine and stay on top of the changing healthcare landscape. Learn from Experienced Clonazepam breast feeding. Courses were developed especially for physicians by business health experts and experienced physicians. Develop Your Own Curriculum. Choose courses based on your needs. Earn course certificates and optional CME. Apps At Your Fingertips. Medscape App Get fast, accurate answers for point-of-care decision making. MedPulse News App Stay on top of breaking news in your specialty and across Two guys a girl season. Global Resource for Healthcare Professionals. With localized medical news and in-language editions.

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Medically reviewed on April 11, Maternal clonazepam occasionally causes sedation in their breastfed infants, especially when given with other central nervous system depressants. Monitor the infant for drowsiness, adequate weight gain, and developmental milestones, especially in younger, exclusively breastfed infants and when using combinations of psychotropic drugs. Monitoring of the infant's serum concentration may be indicated if excessive sedation occurs. Because it has a long half-life, a safer, shorter-acting drug should be used as rather than clonazepam. In published reports of anticonvulsant use during breastfeeding, most women were taking a combination of anticonvulsants. Some other anticonvulsants e. Therefore, the relationship of the maternal dosage to the concentration in breastmilk can be quite variable, making calculation of the weight-adjusted percentage of maternal dosage less meaningful than for other drugs in this database. A mother taking clonazepam 2 mg twice daily had severl milk level measurements on days 2 to 4 postpartum. The highest milk level was The authors calculated that an exclusively breastfed infant would receive a maximum of 2. No details on sampling times were provided. The infant's serum clonazepam level was 2. A newborn infant was breastfeeding during a maternal dosage of clonazepam 2 mg twice daily. A pooled sample of infant serum from days 2 to 4 of age contained 4. Ten of 11 breastfed infants whose mothers were taking clonazepam in dosages of 0. The infants' average age was 7. One author reported a mother who was taking clonazepam 6 mg daily and carbamazepine mg daily. Excessive periodic breathing and prolonged apnea and cyanosis occurred in a newborn at 6 hours after birth at 36 weeks gestation and reoccurred repeatedly up to 10 days of age. The neonate was breastfed starting at 72 hours after delivery and her mother took clonazepam dose not stated during pregnancy and lactation. The repeated periodic breathing episodes continued up to 10 weeks of age and were possibly related to clonazepam in breastmilk. A neurodevelopmental examination was normal at 5 months of age. The infant of a mother taking clonazepam 1 mg daily during pregnancy and lactation was rated as highly apathetic and had decreased weight increase and slight neurologic signs at 4 weeks of age, but normal intelligence at 6 years of age. None of 11 infants whose mothers were taking clonazepam in dosages ranging from 0. Her infant was described as "somewhat lazy at the breast and tired....

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I used to take klonopin as needed for anxiety. My lo is 5 months old and I've recently started taking. My dr advised against it but I called LLL and they said such a small dose should be fine. I've also been reading from dr hale and there seems to be evidence stating its not compatible with breastfeeding. Has anyone else had experience with this? My dr really dismissed me. I'm not depressed, just have occasional anxiety attacks, so the klonopin has always helped. Just wondering if anyone else in similar situation. That should no evidence that it's not compatible! Dr hale seems to think its okay in small doses, too. I take it everyday, and the same dosage as you. My baby is 6 weeks old, and perfectly fine. Do you take it for anxiety? I tortured myself for 5 months because I was told to just deal with it until I was done BF. I have a toddler and didn't have the anxiety issues with her. I really felt i was doing a disservice Tovmy babies by being on edge all the time. Ever since the third trimester my anxiety spiraled out of control. I mean heart racing, Ocd, and panic attacks almost everyday. I ended up in the ER after a panic attack, and that's when they put me on zoloft. Well that drug did more harm than good for me, my anxiety became even worse Finally I had enough. Two weeks prior to my delivery I was able to see one of the best psychiatrists in the area. He recommended that I take klonopin, of course I hesitated. He finally convinced me after showing me tons of research he himself did. He is also the head of the psychiatric unit at our hospital. He prescribes this dosage to many who suffer like I did. I started taking the drug two weeks prior to delivery, and have been taking it daily ever since. My baby was born healthy and continues to be so. I have been panic free since I started. The decision to take the medicine...


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My psych recommends that I pump and dump after taking. I feed baby before I take it. Generally I don't do the pump and dump unless I end up needing a little higher of a dose. Am a wrong for this? I don't want to be drugging up baby. I've been really agitated lately and I find I'm using it more and more often. It's as needed so for awhile I maybe took one every week or even every other week which is why I hadn't been too concerned about pumping and throwing it away. I called infant risk and they say basically as long as he's not looking sedated, it's probably fine. But when I talked to them that's when I was using it more sparingly- it's almost turning into a x a day thing. I just called them now and they didn't answer, but I'll try again soon. My son is 16lbs at 3 months. He was full term. It's not like that dose really does all that much for me-I have to take it on a very empty stomach to even get a little benefit from it. I'm just wondering who else uses this while breastfeeding. How much you take and if you pump and throw it away. Another thought I have is that I know clonazepam has a pretty long half life. I worry about build up. Pumping and dumping until when? Did your doctor say when you could use your milk after taking the medication? It's not like it's all used up in an hour or so. It sticks around for a bit. However, your dose is pretty low. The research I have read gives the percentage of the dose that the baby possibly ingests and it's teeny tiny. She told me to just pump...

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How long should a baby nurse

PinkCocoon is offering breastfeeding help in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Bookstore. Each day breastfeeding mothers are misinformed about taking medications while breastfeeding, many moms are told they must stop breastfeeding or "pump and dump. Tom Hale, PhD , has performed extensive research on the effects of medication in mothers' milk. His site features a professional and mother's forum for looking up and asking information about medications and mothers milk. The Infant Risk Center will be dedicated to providing up-to-date evidence-based information on the use of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our goal is to provide accurate information regarding the risks of exposure to mothers and their babies. By educating healthcare professionals and the general public alike, we aim to reduce the number of birth defects as well as create healthy breastfeeding relationships. We are now open to answer calls Monday-Friday 8am-5pm central time. Please contact us at This center maintains a database of drugs and medications and provides free information to physicians and lactation consultants on their use and effects during breastfeeding. Call or visit their website for evidence-based information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation. Call the Drugline for information on taking prescription drugs while breastfeeding, or visit their website for handouts on drugs and breastfeeding. Kelly Moms Reference List. Medications and the Breastfeeding Mother. Breastfeeding and Maternal Medication. Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation. Drug Safety in Lactation. Breastfeeding and Maternal Drugs. Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding. Alcohol and Breastfeeding from the Infant Risk Center. Effects of Marijuana on the Fetus and Breastfeeding Infants. Social Drugs and Breastfeeding: Handling an Issue that Isn't Black and White. Breastfeeding and Cigarette Smoking. Herbs for Postpartum Depression. Epidurals and Newborn Feeding. The Effects of Labor Epidurals on...

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Clonazepam breast feeding

Clonazepam breastfeeding

Hi. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and taking mg of Klonopin. I take the. 5mg x daily but my doctor is talking about switching to 1 mg. This report indicates that the risk of adverse events in breastfeeding 11 infants exposed to clonazepam (Klonopin) and an antidepressant. The passage of psychotropic medications through breast milk depends upon .. the 13 infants of lactating mothers receiving clonazepam developed cyanosis at. My psych recommends that I pump and dump after taking clonazepam. I feed baby before I take it. Generally I don't do the pump and dump. Clonazepam breastfeeding. ADmom2B. Posted 07/27/ i'm having a hard time finding the best place to get answers. i have ppd and anxiety. i take 20 mg.

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