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Conception rates with frozen dog semen

Just Like Clockwork October Today's Breeder Article. Knowing when to breed a bitch in heat is just like clockwork. Wait until the middle of her three-week heat, when she is ovulating, and then three or four days later, conception is most likely to occur.

#1 Conception rates with frozen dog semen

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Conception rates with frozen dog semen

In this study bitches were inseminated; with fresh semen into the cranial vagina and 65 with frozen semen transcervically into the uterus. The pregnancy rate was When corrected for stage of oestrus at the time of insemination and for semen quality the pregnancy rate was The pregnancy rate improved with an increase in the number of inseminations. Inseminations with fresh Mom and her dather before the Free bondage webcams of Conception rates with frozen dog semen less than This difference is assumed to be attributable to a longer survival time of several days for fresh semen than for frozen-thawed semen. Cytological scoring was a satisfactory method for Famous stars and straps web layouts the stage of oestrus when using fresh semen, but more precise methods are needed when using frozen semen. Semen quality was difficult to correlate with fertility. Pregnancies were obtained with fresh semen of inferior quality, although the litter size was smaller. With Indian housewife pics semen no pregnancies resulted when the semen quality was poor. Litter size was estimated to be Litter size in bitches inseminated with frozen semen was Puppy deaths occurred in The overall puppy death rate during the first 3 weeks of life was Although not statistically significant, there was a tendency for bitches treated with antibiotics at the time of mating or during early pregnancy to have a Conception rates with frozen dog semen pregnancy rate and a larger litter size. There was also a tendency for breed differences in pregnancy rate, although not significant. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Didn't get the message? Add to My Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. J Reprod Fertil Suppl. Linde-Forsberg C 1Forsberg M. Abstract In this study bitches were inseminated; with fresh semen into the cranial vagina and 65 with frozen semen transcervically into the uterus. Please review our privacy policy.


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When a natural breeding does not work or is not possible due to scheduling or death of a stud dog, we have choices in the type of breeding to be done. Natural breeding, when possible, is always a good choice. With artificial insemination and progesterone timing, we have the ability to increase conception rates without the necessity of both the sire and dam being present. Semen can also be collected and stored as a fresh chilled sample for several weeks before the actual breeding. Chilled semen breedings have been done for over 30 years. Prior to the development of current semen extenders, boiled skim milk was used. We now have options with several companies making shipping kits and proprietary extenders. These kits are available for shipment overnight to almost anywhere in the North American continent and to some European countries that will accept samples without quarantine. A chilled semen breeding begins by collecting the semen and isolating the sperm rich fraction. This is then centrifuged and extended with a solution that nourishes the semen for several days. This allows for shipment and delivery of viable semen. If a male has not been used for chilled semen previously, we recommend a semen longevity test. The sample is collected and extended the same as for a shipped sample however it is then placed in a water bath and refrigerated for up to several weeks. The sample is examined daily to determine the viability of the semen. This is the same method used to store a sample if a male is alive but unable to be present for breeding. A gradual loss of sperm motility over 5 to 7 days is expected. If the sample is to be used in the future, the extender should be changed every 5 to 7 days until needed for breeding. Frozen semen has been used in the canine for over 30 years as well. Originally, vaginal cytology was the only timing method used and conception rates were very low The capability of accurate progesterone and leuteotropic hormone LH analysis has dramatically improved the success of frozen semen breeding. Progesterone testing has been discussed in another article that is available on this website. Overwhelmingly, frozen semen is used along with surgical insemination for the best results. It is possible to use frozen semen vaginally but the results are less than desirable. Transcervical insemination TCI is being used with...


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More info about Tufts Education. Since the American Kennel Club's recognition of litters conceived from frozen semen in and the subsequent acceptance and fresh chilled semen, practioners are being asked more frequently to assist clients with maximizing conception rates using these breeding techniques. The gratification one feels when successful is one of the great rewards in veterinary medicine. The basis of fresh chilling and freezing semen is energy conservation within the sperm cell so that the semen can be shipped or used at a later date. The drawback to these methods is that even though some energy is conserved, enough energy is used to shorten the sperm cell's life. Fresh semen is thought to easily live days in utero. Some papers have reported live sperm found in the uterus 11 days post-breeding. The natural sperm length of life allows for successful breeding when the bitch first exhibits standing and acceptance of the male, even though in many cases the timing is days before the prime fertilization period of the mature ova. Fresh chilled semen uses energy as it is cooled to 40 degrees F 4 degrees C and eventually re-warmed to body temperature. The life in utero of a spermatozoa having experienced the chilling and subsequent warming process is 24 to 72 hours, necessitating a more precise manner of ovulation timing and breeding. When sperm is frozen for future use, it is eventually stored at degrees F degrees C. This extreme temperature preserves a sperm cell indefinitely, but not without stress and energy output. The thawed spermatozoa has a maximum life span of 12 to 24 hours after insemination into the bitch. The ultra-short life span makes success with frozen semen only possible with precise mapping of the bitch's estrous cycle with definitive detection of the lh release and the exact time of ovulation. When an individual receives a fresh chilled sample, the package should immediately be opened. Attention should be paid to the "impression of coldness. The package containing the semen should be removed from the packaging material usually newsprint. The tube should contain the extended semen in a...


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Whenever possible chilled semen is preferred due to a better conception rate and lower cost overall. The success of frozen semen breedings depends on three things; 1 quality of the frozen semen 2 timing of the insemination 3 fertility of the bitch. Frozen semen can be sent to VMC several weeks prior to the breeding; we can store the semen until it is needed. The semen owner will need to order the shipment and the bitch owner can coordinate shipment payment. If semen is stored at Zoetis in Kansas City, MO please contact them to complete the paperwork to request the transfer. We accept frozen semen shipments routinely on Mon-Sat 8am-5pm. Please call to let us know the tracking number and when it was shipped. It is required to schedule a pre-breeding exam to allow us to evaluate the bitch, her breeding history and to appropriately plan the insemination dose and route. We always request enough semen to inseminate the bitch twice, however, often only one breeding is available to us. Whenever possible, we would like a minimum of million live sperm for a single insemination. In certain situations double this amount may be advised. The amount of semen offered from the stud dog or freezing center may be less than this recommendation; we will work with what is provided but these recommendations are ideal. This can be discussed during a pre-breeding examination. Semen is injected into the uterus directly with either method. Transcervical Insemination TCI will achieve this without the risks of anesthesia and surgery please see the TCI handout by using a scope to visualize the cervix. Approximate recovery time from the surgical method is days. There is no restriction in activity after a TCI. Breeding by two TCI's approximately 24 hours apart is the best plan whenever...

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Conception rates with frozen dog semen

Overview of canine reproduction in bitching & breeding times

The pregnancy rate was % with fresh semen and % with frozen. When corrected for stage of oestrus at the time of insemination and for semen quality. Pregnancy and conception rate after two intravaginal inseminations with dog semen frozen either with 5% glycerol or 5% ethylene glycol. Rota A(1), Milani C, . This study was undertaken to obtain a conception rate in dogs with frozen semen comparable to that obtained by the use of fresh semen and natural breeding. The primary goal of this study was to compare the effects of 5% ethylene glycol ( EG) and 5% glycerol (G) on fertility of frozen–thawed dog semen following. Fertility data from artificial inseminations (AIs) using frozen-thawed dog of frozen-thawed dog semen results in a significantly higher whelping rate and.

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