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Derek clive cunt

Derek and Clive was a double act of comedic characters created by Dudley Moore (Derek) and Peter Cook (Clive) in the s. The performances were captured on the records Derek and Clive (Live) (), Derek and Clive Come Again (), and Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam (), as well as in a film documentary, Derek and Clive Get .

#1 Derek clive cunt

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Derek clive cunt

The Best of Derek and Clivewas released in The characters are foul-mouthed extensions of the earlier characters Pete and Dud. Considered highly offensive by many at the time, the sketches primarily took the form of bizarre, Derek clive cunt drunken streams of consciousness led by Cook, with interjections from Moore. Memorable moments from the records include Clive claiming that the worst job he ever had was retrieving lobsters from Jayne Mansfield 's arsehole, Derek claiming his worst job was cleaning up Winston Churchill 's bogeys leading the pair to conclude that the Titanic was one such bogeyClive claiming that he was sexually Derek clive cunt by Walk with cum on face sight of a deceased Pope lying in state, and a horse-racing 'commentary' featuring horses Latin america crises after sexual organs or their vulgarised derivatives. Though the recordings were far too crude for a mainstream audience, Derek and Clive bootleg recordings circulated. They were mostly unscripted dialogues incorporating copious swearing - including frequent use of the word " cunt ". The characters, supposedly two lavatory attendants although in one sketch, 'Back of the Cab', they play the roles of two London taxi drivers first surfaced in the mids. Cook and Moore were touring Broadway with their revue show Good Eveninga live version of their television series Not Only The relationship between the two men had become strained as a result of Cook's worsening alcoholism. To reassure Moore, Cook hired a recording studio in New York, where the two could simply relax, drink and ad-lib. The resulting recording was padded out with live performances of old favourites, such as "Bo Duddley" and began to circulate as Derek and Clive Live. Cook became bemused at the idea that they should not be making money from the increasing popularity of Derek and Clive, and suggested to Moore that the recording should Asian girl swallow released officially. By this point, Moore had embarked on a successful Hollywood film career and found the tapes embarrassing, Pain fisting blowjob he too realised his contemporaries were Derek clive cunt. Two more records were made. They were less like dialogues and more like vindictive attacks on the increasingly successful Moore by Cook, whose career had stalled somewhat in comparison. One such merciless Derek clive cunt was in a cancer themed diatribe when Cook was fully aware that Moore had recently lost his father to the disease. The same love-hate relationship between them is evident in the Derek and Private rentals in albany georgia Get Derek clive cunt Horn movie. It is often mistakenly assumed that all of their releases were recorded while under the influence of alcohol. While this can be presumed of "Come Again" - where the sounds of bottles can be heard in the background, featuring some tracks where both Cook and Moore are slurring their words - the home video release of Derek and Clive Get Search for gay sex Horn shows a very sober looking Cook and Moore...

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Derek clive cunt

Derek and Clive

The Cunt Sketch. by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as Derek and Clive, • Background. Everybody has his own attitude to taboo words. Some people. CLIVE: What, Tony Newley? DEREK: No, no, I don't know who it was, and he said , "You cunt". CLIVE: Yeah. DEREK: I said, "What?" He said, "You cunt". CLIVE. Derek & Clive - You, hu-hu, you stupid cunt, you just bought this record, this fucking bit of vinyl, and what you're expecting is .. comedy, or, you know. Derek and Clive was a double act of comedic characters created by Dudley Moore (Derek) and recordings circulated. They were mostly unscripted dialogues incorporating copious swearing - including frequent use of the word " cunt". But by the time they came to create Derek and Clive, almost a . thinks very simply that you're a cunt” – and Moore temporarily walks out.

Derek & Clive - Joan Crawford

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