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Field strip a cs45

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#1 Field strip a cs45

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Field strip a cs45

User Name Remember Me? Okay, so I bought a PK for my wife last night. I reviewed the manual and wanted to field strip it. The manual says that you need to place the manual safety on, eject the magazine, insert the key in the left Big booty titties of the pistol, rotate it degrees counter-clockwise, then pull straight down on the takedown lever. When I put the key in, it engages flushly with the mechanism, but as soon as I start to turn it, the key slips out. I can't seem to keep it in contact with the mechanism as I turn. Am I missing something? By the way, I did call Walther America customer support. The guy I got on the phone was out the day they looked at these pistols, so he was no help. Can anybody out there help me? I have a PK on order but do not have it in hand yet, so: The takedown 'screw' may already be turned the full degrees CCW. Does it rotate CW? Does the takedown grip pull down? I can easily understand were someone would re-assemble the gun and forget to turn the takedown 'screw' back CW. Online Owners Manuals and Catalogs General questions: Does the takedown 'screw' have to be returned degrees CW to the full 'locked' position for the gun to operate? Will the gun operate Field strip a cs45 with the takedown 'screw' Field strip a cs45 the full unlocked position? Z-M PP 7. Perhaps just a bit more pressure? Perhaps it may be beneficial to move the slide just the slightest bit rearward to remove some pressure. I know mine was stiff initially, but did have success. It reminds me of the safety lock on the P22 if you have ever engaged it. I had to laugh. In the most recent issue of Combat Handguns magazine and this is why I avoid gun mags the writer describes the takedown of the PK as one of the easiest semi-autos to be field stripped ever made, or some such nonsense. He then goes on to say that he would recommend that Field strip a cs45 Harder penile naturally a few extra keys. Heck, it doesn't matter whether you have thirty keys, if you don't have one when you need one you are toast. I agree - laughable at best. Originally Posted by mustangrob. That's how I do it, so far - compress on the rod, and hope you get it in place properly on the first try. Easy in theory, damn annoying in practice. The last time I stripped my PK, I found that it was easier with the slide Field strip a cs45 back. I'm not Field strip a cs45 what the manual says about having the slide forward or back when turning the slide release. Also, you can get a small tool at an auto parts store that looks like a small screw driver but with a slot in the end a...

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Advertise With Us Search. CS45 and Field Stripping. I have a an Pull slide back until disassembly notch is above the slide stop pivot point. While holding slide in position step 2 push out the slide stop by pushing on the exposed end on right side of pistol until enough is exposed on the left side to grasp. Then pull out from left side. Push slide forward and off of frame. Remove recoil spring assembly from the barrel and place on bench. Lift barrel out of slide, starting with back end of barrel. Lift and slide backwards until it clears the barrel bushing, then lift out. Once you have it apart, check out the plunger on the back end of the recoil spring guide rod. Smoothing it out again might help in future removal. It helped mine but it's still a bit of a struggle compared to my platform guns. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is Although I like the way it shoots, handles and looks I am having a really hard time field stripping it. Any tricks anyone can tell me about? Find all posts by jameselmer Find all threads started by jameselmer Visit jameselmer66 photo album. Find all posts by mydogtaz. Find all threads started by mydogtaz. Visit mydogtaz photo album. Oro Valley, Arizona Posts: Find all posts by andyo5. Find all threads started by andyo5. Visit andyo5 photo album. Find all posts by inboost. Find all threads started by inboost. Visit inboost photo album. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. Last edited by JNW; at They work great in every 9mm I've owned from Rock Island to Nighthawk. Congrats on the PM-9, I had one for a couple of years and just wasn't shooting much, so I let it go. Wish I still had one as it was a beauty. Congrats on a great gun. My pistol hasn't shipped yet and I'm already worried. This is my first , so bear with me. I'm going to get some FP for the rails so I can run it "wet" during break in. Now, how do I take this darn thing apart? I've looked at the manual online, but does the PM-9 have a one or two piece guide rod? I have hex wrenches, punches and hammers, but do I need to buy a bushing wrench? I don't want my gun to show up and then not be able to shoot it because I can't take it apart. If I field strip this at the range can I have small parts go flying on disassembly? I would rather not have to make 10 trips at 50 rounds each to break it in. I've looked at some YouTube videos, but don't know if a Pointman comes apart like a Valor. I'm probably fretting over nothing. It will come with a bushings get wrench, so you're good there. It comes with a one piece guide rod. Do a search and watch a few videos. I personally hold the slide back and pull the slide stoplease first then remove the barrel bushing and barrel. Just be careful during reassembly when you put the slide release lever back in. You don't want to scratch the frame with it. In fact, one of these "idiot scratch tools" might be a good idea until...


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Field strip a cs45

Showing a close up look at how to field strip a pistol. PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!. I reviewed the manual and wanted to field strip it. My normal carry piece is a old Smith CS45 (like a 2x4 that shootss) but I was impressed. [I think the CS45 is 6+1.] The CS9 is much more involved to field strip and to put back together. (Depressing those three last levers/plungers on the S & W frame. If I field strip this at the range can I have small parts go flying on disassembly? Field stripping is easy as long as the recoil spring and plug don't . Valor(mods) & DT Specialist ) / Colt CS Marine CQB USMC rollmark.

How to Dissasemble and Re-assemble an Airsoft Gun (Field Strip)

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