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Lake baikal model

Lake Baikal is in a rift valley, created by the Baikal Rift Zone, where the Earth's crust is slowly pulling apart. At km ( mi) long and 79 km (49 mi) wide, Lake Baikal has the largest surface area of any freshwater lake in Asia, at 31, km 2 (12, sq mi), and is the deepest lake in the world at 1, m (5, ft).

#1 Lake baikal model

Has the lost treasure of the Tsars been found at the bottom of the world's deepest lake?.

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Lake baikal model

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the Better sex with you wife by volume and the world's deepest lake. Somewhat crescent shaped, it is in the southern Siberia area of Russia. It is home to approximately Abc adelaide webcam, to 1, endemic plant and animal species," said Jennifer Castner of Pacific Environment 's Russia program. Additionally, it holds 20 percent Xnnxx index model the world's fresh water, due to the lake's depth. This volume is approximately equivalent to all five of the North American Great Lake baikal model combined, according to Geology. Its lowest Control concepts model 3020 lies more than 4, feet 1, m below sea level, according to Smithsonian magazine. This area puts it in seventh place worldwide in terms of surface area, according to Geology. Lake Baikal is located in south-central Russia near the Mongolian border. The largest nearby city is Irkutsk. Lake Baikal has historically played a large role in the Russian imagination. It represents the unspoiled beauty of Russia Lake baikal model is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Sea. Lake Baikal plays a central part in Dick dudley donaghy papers local creation myths and appears throughout Russian folklore, according to Baikal Nature. Lake Baikal attracts more thantourists a year, according to the Siberian Times. Though it is in southern Siberia, the lands around Lake Baikal are generally warmer than the rest of the area because large bodies of Eaton medical group tracy have a moderating force, according to LakeBaikal. There are 27 mostly uninhabited islands in Lake Baikal, according to Lake Baikal. The largest is mile-long 72 km Olkhon, on which there are villages. About 1, people live there. More than streams and rivers Lake baikal model into Lake Baikal, but the Angara River is the only outlet. It carries out about 60 cubic km Eventually the water makes its way Asian mania irc the Arctic Ocean. The Selenga River is the largest source of water coming into Lake Baikal. Flowing north from Mongolia, it contributes nearly 50 percent of the lake's water. Like Lake Baikal, the Selenga Delta is internationally recognized for its biodiversity and importance, according to the Ramsar Convention. Lake Baikal is the only very deep lake to have oxygenated water at its lowest depths, like the ocean, according to a article in BioScience. Additionally, the earth under Lake Baikal is heated. The cause of the heat is unknown. During the summer, when the lake is full of melted ice from the Siberian mountains, it is sometimes possible to see more than feet 39 m down. The stunning clarity is the result of the melted ice's purity, plankton that eat floating debris and a lack of mineral salts in the lake. Lake Baikal may be warmer than other parts of Siberia, but in the winter it still gets very cold. The average air temperature in winter is minus 6 F minus 21 C. The ice can be up to 6 feet 2...


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Do you want to read the rest of this article? For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Created 20—30 million years ago, Lake Baikal is one of approximately 13 ancient lakes in the world. The lake stretches from the south-eastern section of Siberia to portions of northern Mongolia. Administratively, it is divided between three members of the Russian Federation: Lake Baikal and its catchment area are characterized by considerable biodiversity and by a vast richness of natural resources. Well over half of the plant and animal species found in the Baikal region are endemic. The Baikal region is a spectacular example of coexistence among different cultures and faiths over centuries. Over archaeological remains of past cultures have been found near Lake Baikal shores. Preserving the unique lake culture, values and ecological, ethnic and cultural traditions of the local people is one of the key elements in developing a model for sustainable development in the Baikal region. Lake Baikal is currently still considered clear and healthy overall, however the number and type of pollution sources are growing, and local pollution can be severe. The main sources of pollution in Lake Baikal are industrial wastes and atmospheric emissions from the Baikalsk pulp and paper mill, atmospheric emissions from nearby industrial facilities, excessive nutrient loads from farming and sediment and wastes that flow into Lake Baikal through the Selenga River. In May , protection of Lake Baikal was codified in federal law for the first time. Progress is being made on a number of fronts despite the turbulent political transformations in Russia in the last 10 years. For instance, in the Irkutsk region, stakeholders have worked together to reduce the flow of unpurified drainage into the lake by 10 million m3 year—1. The in-lake water quality in Lake Chivero is affected by the significant quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus that drains from its main tributaries. The eutrophication of Lake Chivero supports arguments by Garmaeva who argued that most of the lakes threatened by eutrophication are those located in or near urban settlements. Nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the Marimba, Mukuvisi and Manyame rivers show the significant influence of sewage discharged into water bodies. Trish Olga Nyarumbu Christopher H. Individualistic approaches follow the trajectory of a single " problem-solution " dipole, and can be successfully applied in one-issued...

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Lake Baikal—the world's largest, oldest, and most biotically diverse lake—is responding strongly to climate change, according to recent analyses of water temperature and ice cover. By the end of this century, the climate of the Baikal region will be warmer and wetter, particularly in winter. As the climate changes, ice cover and transparency, water temperature, wind dynamics and mixing, and nutrient levels are the key abiotic variables that will shift, thus eliciting many biotic responses. Among the abiotic variables, changes in ice cover will quite likely alter food-web structure and function most because of the diverse ways in which ice affects the lake's dominant primary producers endemic diatoms , the top predator the world's only freshwater seal , and other abiotic variables. Melting permafrost will probably exacerbate the effects of additional anthropogenic stressors industrial pollution and cultural eutrophication and could greatly affect ecosystem functioning. In March , people in Irkutsk, Russia, protested the proposed construction of an oil pipeline scheduled to pass within meters m of Lake Baikal's shoreline, and, within days, President Putin announced the pipeline would be rerouted outside the lake's watershed Cullison In July , environmental activists protested against the expansion of an uranium enrichment plant in Angarsk, Russia, located within the airshed of Lake Baikal; one protester was killed and several were seriously injured by young men allegedly hired by regional authorities who favor expansion of the plant Cullison Russians are strongly attached emotionally to Lake Baikal, in part because it represents the natural unspoiled beauty of the Russian motherland. Indeed, this natural phenomenon was the birthplace of the Russian environmental movement in the mids Weiner , a movement that endures today. Lake Baikal is a treasure trove for biologists. In part because of its great antiquity it is approximately 25 million years old and its deep, oxygenated water, this lake harbors more species than any other lake in the world, and many of them are endemic Martin For example, hydrothermal vent communities dependent on access to oxygen for chemoautotrophy occur on the lake floor Crane et al. The lake's biotic richness is...

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Controversy surrounds construction of hydropower stations on a river that feeds deep, ancient Lake Baikal. View more photos from Alexey Trofimov. Around 25 million years ago, a fissure opened in the Eurasian continent and gave birth Lake Baikal, now the deepest and oldest lake in the world. The lake is located near the Russian city of Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia with about half a million population. The primary threat is from Mongolian power companies who, with help from the World Bank, are looking to build two hydroelectric dams near Lake Baikal. The dams would water from the Selenga River, which helps feed the lake. In early April, , the World Bank held public hearings in Russia to discuss environmental impact studies related to this project, bringing it another day closer to fruition. A strongly worded Siberian Times article published on May 25, spoke of an earlier ecological assessment of Lake Baikal. According to the Siberian Times article:. Construction of … hydro power stations on the Selenga River and its tributaries can cause the unique lake to dry out. The 25 million-year-old lake is on the edge of environmental catastrophe and if certain measures are not taken, it might disappear just like the Aral Sea. Read an April 7, update on Lake Baikal, from Forbes. In a May 4, article in Global Times , senior executives from a Beijing-based natural drinking water company discussed plans to start construction of a bottled water factory near the lake, despite reported petitions from local residents opposing the project. The company said the project will not cause damage to the local ecology, as some Russian media reports have claimed. Lake Baikal seen from space. The Aral Sea in l and r. Image via Wikimedia Commons. In total, some rivers and streams...

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Award naturalist young

Visiting Lake Baikal was my childhood dream. Finally I had an opportunity to make my dream come true! People from " Baikalika " a travel company that organized our photo expedition met us at the Irkutsk airport. Their huge battered Nissan Safari jeep impressed us at first sight. It was a serious car made to concur off-road and ice conditions. I noticed large wooden boards on top of the jeep and said as a joke: We'll need those in case we go under ice," said our driver Alexei. His answer made me realize that we were in for a not-so-boring trip. The drive from Irkutsk, on the deserted ice road, to our final destination, Olkhon Island, took us about 4 hours. There was a severe snowfall over Baikal a few days before our arrival, so we were not sure if we would see clear ice at all. As you can imagine, we were very anxious. One look down from the mountaintop brought a sigh of disappointment: The ice road that connected mainland with the island was cleared down to the ice level, but there were one-meter high snowdrifts along each side. However, we were not completely out of luck. A few kilometers down the road it became obvious that snow didn't cover the lake surface completely: Now we knew what we were going to do during following several days -look for clear ice! We reached the village of Khuzhir, the administrative capital of Olkhon, in the dark; and we had to be at Cape Hoboy, the most-southern point of the island, by sunrise. In the winter, fishermen constantly make new ice routs across the frozen lake to avoid ice cracks, so there are a lot of different roads. We left our hotel in the dark. The thirty kilometers to Cape...

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Lake baikal model

Lake Baikal, Russia

INTRODUCTION. Lake Baikal is one of the ancient lakes of the world, created. 20 –30 million years ago by tectonic forces. Baikal is also the deepest lake on. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet, and is one of the most famous landmarks of Russia and the world. In Lake Baikal was. These data characterize the Baikal sculpins as a set of model organisms for studying the Key words: cholesterol; lipoproteins; liver; Cottoidei; Lake Baikal. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Lake Baikal: Model for sustainable development of the territory | Created 20–30 million years ago, Lake Baikal is one of. PDF | Investigation of real geological media faces significant difficulties related to the scale of objects (e.g., the length of fractures ranges from.

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