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Naruto out of control

Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto) is a shinobi of Konohagakure and a descendant of the Uzumaki clan. He became the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails on the day of his birth — a fate that caused him to be shunned by most of .

#1 Naruto out of control

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Naruto out of control

Eating disorders, possible cursing and cutting. The young blond was lying tiredly on his unmade bed. His normally sky blue eyes were glazed over and had a gray, sad tint in them. His skinny arm was hanging almost lifelessly over the edge of the bed. Naruto was happily slurping away his second bowl of ramen. Sasuke was slightly disgusted while looking at how fast rate the ramen was disappearing in the blonde's stomach. I bet you haven't ever enjoyed anything. The blond held up his hand to silence the other boy, while slowly rising from his seat. He searched out the scale from underneath his bathroom cabinet. He stepped on the scale, looking nervously at the spinning numbers. He heard himself gasp. Glad only in boxers, boy stared Naruto out of control his reflection. Naruto out of control length being cm 5. What he saw Model standing order a fat, disgusting boy. He hadn't noticed it before. No wonder I've got no other friends than him. Who'd want to be friends with big, fat freak. A lone tear trailed silently down Asin speedometer spokane cheek. He turned away from the image, not wanting to look at it anymore. Back at Sasuke's apartment he was cursing to himself. I'll just apologize him tomorrow at school. I just hope I didn't hurt his feelings too badly… There's no way I could stand him being angry at me…" He smiled slightly, looking at the boy's picture on his table. He was everything to him. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sasuke, in a moment of anger slips out that he thinks Naruto is fat. Naruto get's mad at him, 36 ddd pretty bras can't get the words out of his head. Dangerous sicness wakes up inside him SasuNaru, eating disorders, may include cutting, cursing and slight violence. In his mind, Naruto was recalling the earlier Naruto out of control he had with Sasuke over ramen. The raven was left behind, cursing his slip. The author Replace escort 98 mirror like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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Where is Naruto and Kakashi -sensei? She turned to her silent companion and teammate. Either way she looked intently at his lips as they parted as if to say Inner Sakura was cursing loudly. Calming herself she answered the Jounin's question seeing as how Sasuske would not. He's two hours late today! What's wrong with him? Well, as excited as Kakashi ever gets anyway. Sasuke glowered at his sensei. It did seem a bit odd to him that Naruto wasn't here. Out of everyone he seemed to be the better morning person. A slight frown covered his face well, more then he usually frowns I guess. If you're still sleeping in bed. Sakura's mind worked as only Sakura's could. She was listening to her sensei, thinking about and applying the knowledge he was giving her to herself, and wishing slightly that she could go with him and give Naruto a bashing for not waking up. Above all else she was thinking of being alone and training with Sasuke. Portraying an observant and attentive face, inner Sakura was jumping for joy. After Kakashi left she turned her eyes to Sasuke. He'd have to notice her now! She'd been training for just this moment. Kakashi stared at the sleeping figure for a while. Something just seemed wrong with the picture. First of all it wasn't at all common for Naruto to not wake up. Second, not that Kakashi had seen Naruto sleep before, but by knowing him he always though Naruto would be the type to snore. Seeing him simply lay there, not making a sound except for light breathing, with no emotion or expression on his face, seemed wrong. Kakashi couldn't reach it but it just didn't seem right somehow. Shaking the little boy he watched intently as Naruto woke up. He yawned, stretched, opened two eyes then looked up at his sensei. What are you doing here? He pointed outside the window giving Naruto an unimpressed look. I'm late aren't I? The Jounin waited a few minutes as Naruto got ready. He was expecting a more animated apology and excuses. Something seemed to plague Naruto's mind at the moment. As he saw the younger boy walking out with a hand on his stomach, covering right where he knew the seal to be, Kakashi made a mental note to say something to the Hokage. It could be just nothing, but any...

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I'd like to thank GenocideHeart, Mr. Special Thanks to ttestagr for all the help in capturing the essence of one of the main characters. And finally; please don't hold me responsible for the legions of catgirls that died because of this…. Cloaked in the evening shadows, little could be made of the figure; save that the shape indicated a female form and the twin braids that fluttered in the gentle breeze. And even now; with war approaching, they've forgotten you. I walked into ANBU headquarters and read about a decade that would make you tear down this village in disgust. I followed her as I did you, and she showed me those few. It was a mistake to do what I showed you in front of Sarutobi though, if not for that and the memory you boasted about things would have been much easier now. A quick glance at the night's sky prompted a snort. Of course he then just when and pawned his responsibilities on his adjutant; not that it came as a surprise. Fortunately, neither he nor the girl will learn where Sarutobi gained that piece of knowledge. What little he knew died with him. That is part of the present problem unfortunately. The figure sighed tiredly and her shoulders slumped slightly. I found my opportunity, and failed completely. When it was over, the hurt was still there but the hate was gone. With a shake of her head, she corrected her posture. I'm here to pick up what we shattered. Would you not agree, Kakashi? After a moment of silence, another figure detached itself from the cliff; revealing itself in the moonlight o be the famous Copy Ninja, Hatake Kakashi. As the name that hadn't been spoken in Konoha since the defeat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the name of the Yondaime Hokage, left the figure's lips Kakashi's arms blurred as he grabbed two handfuls of kunai and he threw them at the figure. Kakashi's mind raced as he tried to figure out what just happened. One instant he was attacking a potentially dangerous intruder; the next...

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do i get saskue's charkra to 0 when i am fighting him in "curse mark out of control? Attack Sasuke until his chakra is at 0 then finish him off. Choose your character Neji. Then, use the Lvl. He will activate Byakugan. While the Byakugan is on, keep attacking Sasuke until he's dead. Don't let Sasuke recovers any chakra. Use Neji's Level 2 Super, and then attack the opponent to drain their chakra. If they ever gain enough chakra back, repeat the super, and keep attacking. This question has been successfully answered and closed. Question Status How do i beat "hinata's training"? Answered On "tug-of-war on the bridge" it tells me to hit 3 additionnal hits on haku how would i do that? Answered In the chunin exams how do i obtain the scroll while fighting the fake naruto? Unresolved How do I get past anko's hazing 1? Unresolved How do I do the icha -icha paridise S-Rank mission where it says 99 times a pair? Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? How do i beat "hinata's training"? On "tug-of-war on the bridge" it tells me to hit 3 additionnal hits on haku how would i do that? In the chunin exams how do i obtain the scroll while fighting the fake naruto? How do I get past anko's hazing 1? How do I do the icha -icha paridise S-Rank mission where it says 99 times a pair?

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I usually avoided everyone on my birthday, for some reason the beatings were always much worse if they caught me today. I forgot to bring some food though and had to go get some I could usually outrun them or just get away, today though, and I don't know how, I got distracted and missed my usual turn off and went down the wrong alley I looked towards the open end of the alley and saw the fruitstand owner, a tall thin guy with short dark hair, a woman with long brown hair and huge boobs I'd bumped into, she crashed on the tall guy's fruit stand, and a younger woman with black hair to her shoulders and big boobs, she was with her teenage daughter who looked just like her, big boobs and all, I'd borrowed the bag of cookies the girl just got from her mom and they were all really mad at me. I'd wolfed down everything but the cookies, those were in my pants pocket where I'd just now stuffed'em. The good thing was that the mob was much smaller than usual. I knew how to fight For guys that was easy, I'd lost track of how many angry moms during a mob beating punched, kicked and grabbed me between my legs screaming about making sure I never had kids or got near their daughters. Luckily I heal really fast. I've seen couples doing the naked dance, as I called it, and some late night research at the library told me what they were doing. Sure it was kinda weird at first, but they liked it, and if it hurts guys it should hurt girls, based on the books I saw, I wasn't the best reader, but I got the idea, I did know you could...

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Naruto out of control

Sasuke, in a moment of anger slips out that he thinks Naruto is fat. Naruto get's mad at him, but can't get the words out of his head. Dangerous. Naruto was hated, abused, and at 5 gained the ability to control Time at will. What will he do when the rules no longer apply to him?. Spiraling Out of Control. By SoftRogue. Disclaimer: Naruto and all its characters are property of Kishimoto Masash while Bleach and all of its. For Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do i get Attack Sasuke until his chakra is at 0 then finish him off.

Naruto Totally Loses Control Over Himself Against Orochimaru 60FPS Naruto Shippuden

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