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Poly mva prostate

Alternative Cancer Therapies Page 3 Updated. 02/19/16 Live Cell Therapy. Begun in Switzerland and outlawed in the US ( therapists use it in Germany), clinical evidence and testimonials abound on the regeneration properties of this therapy.

#1 Poly mva prostate


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Poly mva prostate

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. We think you'll like them better this way. Peters, living in Central Texas. Work as a screenwriter, college screenwriting instructor, and provide coverage on screenplays for film producers. Currently working on a script rewrite for Poly mva prostate LA producer. First diagnosed with prostate cancer in following nearly 20 years of inflammation and discomfort in the prostate Poly mva prostate. Underwent external beam radiation June-August Relapse in years. Started on hormone injections in July Added bicalutamide as a First real sex blockade in In I began life-changing habits - no red meat, increased exercise, clean water, etc. That continues with no dairy, no white bread, no snacks, no alcohol. Cancer became refractory to hormone treatment in earlyand PSA began to rise about 10 units a month. The episode audio is being processed and will be ready shortly. I continue on Poly MCA dosing now, soon to complete two years, and Romania dildo store strong. Register or Sign In. Sorry we couldn't complete your registration. You must accept the Terms and conditions to register. Publish To Social Networks. Company About Us Press Blog.

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A website to provide support for people who have or have had any type of cancer, for their caregivers and for their family members. Results 1 to 5 of 5. He's had surgery and chemotherapy to treat them both, but now his PSA is on the rise and it appears he has to do something again. He's become very interested in Dr. Forsythe at the Century Wellness Center. It appears they use Poly MVA and are claiming a high success rate, especially with prostate cancer. Does anybody on here have any experience with Dr. Forsythe, his clinic, or Poly MVA treatment? Any feedback would be appreciated! Don't forget rule Number 1 Great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. I understand that, at this point, there is basically no hard science that says it does anything to cancer. That being said, just because nobody's proved it works doesn't mean it doesn't work. I've scoured the internet pretty hard and found some people who said it worked for them and some people that said they had no response. I'm just trying to gather all of the information I can. You can call DR. Forsythe's office and get most of your questions answered. Plus they got results. I have taken poly-mva as a supplement for years, and i believe in it. I have also had clients who have taken it while undergoing cancer treatment chemo, etc and it has been of benefit no appetite or hair loss I have a friend whose dog had lymphoma and she used poly-mva exclusively and her dog's cancer went away. Originally Posted by Hegulator. Similar Threads I am sorry I wasn't sure the best place to post this question. By Friendly in forum Prostate Cancer Forum. All times are GMT. The time now is The makers of Poly-MVA claim it has a history of "over forty years of laboratory research and testing and fifteen years of clinical use. No studies of Poly-MVA in humans have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Thus far, the only study published in a peer-reviewed journal was an animal study using gerbils, which explored the possible effects of Poly-MVA in protecting nerve cells from lack of oxygen. The potential risks and...


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Anybody tried or have any thoughts on the Poly MVA? There are 3 million living American men who have had a PCa diagnosis. Why are the men cured by Poly-MVA keeping so quiet? In my mind, it is in the same category as IV Vit C. Just not sure if there is any benefit. Or, in fact, may be detrimental. There is not much information I can find so, as you imply, maybe it just doesn't do much. The proverbial "throw the book at it approach" before it spreads more and becomes castrate resistant. Sounds like a scam to me. Why pay someone for weekly treatments when you can find all the supplement and vitamin advice you need on this site? I'm very suspicious of 'alternative' PC treatments like 'Gerson'. I tried it a few years ago, also on the recommendation of both MDs and a Naturopath that I respect. It has almost certainly helped some men. I know of no cases where it did any harm other than to your wallet. I will continue to investigate and report back if I find anything that may be useful. So tomorrow Paul will have his first infusion of Carbo Platin. We have mixed feelings about it. Health tools and topics Menu Have an account? Log in Health tools. Reply Like 0 Follow post. Is that still going? WSOPeddie in reply to jdm3. You may also like Help with Gleason scores wondered how to determine the Gleason score as I have readings of Do we average it? Husband Starting Carbo Platin Tomorrow everyone. Hard Data Backing This Up! Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Help Centre Community Guidelines Contact us. Terms Privacy Security Cookies.

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By Rick Shapiro of www. Poly MVA is characterized as a cell nutrient, an anti-tumor agent and a non-toxic chemotherapy agent. Essentially, it is more a super nutrient or anti-oxidant than a drug. There are not any significant clinical trials attesting to its efficacy, however, there is significant anecdotal evidence and testimonials from numerous, happy Cancer patients which has engendered serious interest in its therapeutic benefits. Garnett himself does not fully understand how Poly MVA works, his 40 years of testing different formulas has yielded a compound of metals, minerals, vitamins and amino acids that is showing excellent results with late stage patients. It is designed to provide energy for the compromised body systems by changing the electrical potential of human cells and increasing the charge density of DNA within the cell. It has been shown to be a helpful nutritional and efficacious agent in many different kinds of Cancers. A word of warning, because of the way this product works, you need to pay close attention to the MAXIMUM doses of certain nutrients while on this medication. According to Poly MVA experts, there are restrictions concerning prescribing it for patients: The alpha lipoic acid in foods is not a problem. This includes multivitamins and other supplements which may have Vitamin C added to them. The Vitamin C in foods is not a problem. Due to the fact that the nature of how Poly MVA works, is not well understood, it is difficult to say what other supplements or vitamins may conflict with PolyMVA. As always, be vigilant in designing the totality of your Cancer fighting regimen. Final Critical Note - At www. For more information, see - www. Reblog 0 Digg This Save to del. Thus the compound is described as a DNA Reductase. However, there is evidence that...


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Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex the complex inside of Poly-MVA is a redox molecule it can accept electrical charge and donate that charge, which makes it an extremely effective energy-transferring molecule that facilitates energy charge transfer at the cellular level. It can safely and effectively protect cells and provide energy to them. Many years of research and clinical studies provide consistent and ongoing evidence that Poly-MVA can support gene repair in genes damaged by cancer , various therapies and degeneration because of its mitochondrial up-regulation with increased oxygen. This interferes with the particular energy metabolism of the anaerobic cancer cell by targeting the mitochondria which allows for a change in the cell properties. Multiple studies have shown Poly-MVA's effectiveness in many different cancer cell lines, with no harm occurring in normal cells. The benefit from the increase in oxygen and ATP is support for normal cellular function in all other cells. The alpha lipoic acid and minerals are irreversibly bound together, resulting in a molecule that is both fat and water soluble so it travels to all parts of the body and significantly more effective than any individual ingredient. Poly-MVA has undergone extensive testing, both intravenously and orally and concerning cancer, other degenerative diseases and as a daily preventative tonic, with a safety record of almost 20 years. Furthermore, Poly-MVA is a highly-effective free radical scavenger. Its ability to donate electrons to the mitochondria of the cell is critical to its benefits. In addition to cancer, clinical research also continues to support its benefits in stroke and ischemia. This is because following an interruption of blood flow to any tissue, there is deprivation of oxygen and glucose. Providing an alternative energy source can maintain the integrity of the electron transport chain within the mitochondria. The LAMC complex has the ability to...

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Poly mva prostate

Prostate Cancer Stories Anybody tried or have any thoughts on the Poly MVA? It is recommended by an MD/Naturopath I respect, yet I'm not. Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (the complex inside of Poly-MVA) is a redox . breast, colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, or liver — pay close attention to this product. From this date until 6/18/00 when I started Poly-MVA and the PSA lab results my battle with prostate cancer had ranged between to On 6/5/00 my PSA. PolyMVA is a unique liquid dietary supplement designed to support and Prostate and lung cancer case studies have been tracked, analyzed, written up and. I'm on here because my dad has/had colon cancer and prostate cancer. It appears they use Poly MVA and are claiming a high success rate.

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