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#1 Pornstar charlie and her husband

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Pornstar charlie and her husband

A porn star who had sex with Charlie Sheen hours before he overdosed on cocaine said the actor's HIV diagnosis may be the Pornstar charlie and her husband up call' he Pornstar charlie and her husband to finally stop his self-destructive behavior. In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, Kacey Jordan, 27, who became pregnant by the Hollywood star during a wild hour drug binge, said the diagnosis is no shock to her as she knew the actor had been engaging in 'high risk behavior' for some time. And although she applauds the year-old - who this morning gave an explosive interview about his HIV diagnosis on the Today show - for coming clean, she says the news had caused a lot of stress and anxiety for her and the many other women who Sheen slept with over the past few years. Kacey said she has been inundated with people questioning her about being HIV positive herself, ever since the rumor that an unnamed Hollywood star was secretly battling the disease surfaced last week. Although she has had several tests since she had Pornstar charlie and her husband with Sheen and received the all-clear, the porn star said people still think she may have contracted it, which she says has had a negative impact on her career. Porn star Kacey Jordan, who had sex Clip sex scene risky business an HIV-positive Charlie Sheen, says he got her pregnant after a hour drug binge at his home after the condom broke. Jordan tells Daily Mail Online that Charlie Sheen's use of drugs, sex with porn stars and sex with transsexuals probably increased his chance of contracting HIV. Sheen revealed earlier today in his sit down with Matt Lauer that he is not currently using drugs. Jordan reveals Sheen had condoms in his room and says 'I don't think, knowing Pornstar charlie and her husband kind of person he is, that he would ever have knowingly put people at risk'. I'd be terrified,' reveals porn star Kacey Jordan. Kacey says she first met Sheen at a party at his house in Januarywhere she was one of five porn stars invited to a drug-fueled hour bender with the actor. During the party, she said Sheen smoked cocaine through a pipe and got so high that he invited the girls to come and Pornstar charlie and her husband with him — even drawing up real estate contracts. Although they used a condom, it broke and Kacey ended up pregnant by the star. Just a couple of hours after Kacey left, Sheen was taken to the ER and treated for addiction. Kacey, who ended up terminating the pregnancy, doesn't believe that the actor curbed his partying ways following the hospitalization — and believes it may have even got worse. Charlie Sheen revealed to millions on national television that he is in fact HIV positive. She now hopes the diagnosis will force him to clean up his lifestyle and get the help he needs....

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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. New Pornstar Galleries - [more]. She had some real enthusiasm for girl on girl scenes and had just an absolutely lovely body and face. Obviously she stopped performing, but whatever happened to her? Anyone have an idea what she's up to these days? Hope wherever she is, she's happy. Whatever happened to Charlie? Charlie had a great, thick body. And i saw a scene where she put on a strap on and worked Devon over. A great, fierce scene. Any chance of a photo to show who you're talking about? I believe this is the Charlie in question. One of my favs as well! G Whatever happened to Charlie? I dug her big time I know she did movies only with a boyfriend and then I think she took on another guy and then she disappeared. Am I missing something here? I always thought she looked good. Who the heck is her mother? Her mother was a bodybuilder who also did a few scenes. They did at least one movie together. Can't remember her name. Well, i took a look at the porn star database and Charlie has scenes with all of the biggest female names in the porn industry. As for the men, there are 17 guys listed to have done scenes with her. Glad to see I'm not the only one missing her. It was for Ed Powers. They were not in the same scenes together but they did an interview together. Charlie did a GG with someone and Kitana? I always loved her, BUT I remember seeing photos of her with unbelievable stretch marks on her belly, butt and thighs. But her body mostly looked awesome otherwise. I miss her too. I guess no one is aware of her current doings. Porn is poorer without her. Before her website turned into a mess, there were logs on her message board that said she was really into pro wrestling and mixed martials arts - as a performer and valet. I shot with Charlie back in and at that time she was having a really hard time getting work. Her face is beautiful but her body is not so hot. She does have the worst stretch marks I've ever seen. Janine of course but she was contracted with Vivid so that's different. She is a really nice girl and...

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By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: Charlie Sheen's two girlfriends have today spoken about their new - and very unconventional - living arrangement. The trio refer to themselves as 'the wedge' - a term taken from American football. In NFL, the phrase is used to describe two or more players aligned shoulder to shoulder within two yards of each other. He signed up to Twitter yesterday - describing himself as an 'unemployed winner' - and less than 24 hours later Charlie Sheen already has over a million followers. And by Tweet number six, he made reference to his 'tiger blood' catch-cry, which then became the number one trending topic on the site. Sean P Diddy Combs made reference to the troubled star via the site yesterday. Ive been dreamin about a party like this all my life winning! To which Sheen replied: RT charliesheen iamdiddy Get dressed my man But all we are is non-traditional. Kenly, who studied to be a kindergarten teacher but now works at a medical marijuana dispensary, adds: When asked about his sex life by the Post, Sheen became uncharacteristically shy, saying: But in a separate interview with America's People magazine, he admitted he is rather pleased with his current set up. Charlie and his two live-in girlfriends spent time with his two sons before they were removed from the property. Everybody's needs are met; everybody is cool. Explaining how he suggested the menage a trios to the women, he revealed: I'm 20 years older than you. When one is busy, the other is available to do something else. If there's a blatant absence of attention being paid, that's the bed I go to. However, Olson's mother Marie Oberlin has expressed concern for her daughter's new chosen lifestyle. As well as being at war with his Two And A Half Men bosses, the actor is also in the throes of a custody battle with his Brooke Mueller. Charlie joined the social networking site yesterday and posted several pictures from his home. Police visited Sheen's Beverly Hills home last night and took away his sons, Max and Bob,...

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The Anger Management star is one step closer to walking down the aisle with his porn star partner after her divorce from her first husband John Ross finally came through on April According to court records obtained by RadarOnline , the termination date was cited in a judgment on April Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi are free to marry after her divorce from first husband came through this month. Brett, 24, has been involved in a legal battle with her ex-husband since he filed for divorce from her on July 18, , but only responded to the documents on January 30, after falling for Charlie. And it seems Charlie and Brett - who got engaged in February after just three months of dating - won't be rushing into things since they are now planning to tie the knot on November A source told the site: Walking down the aisle: The couple's wedding will reportedly take place in November, and it will be Charlie's fourth marriage and Brett's second. The gossip site's source explains, 'Having Brooke at the wedding will also show the twins that they all get along. The couple are set to marry in November after a whirlwind romance and engagement. According to the insider, the Anger Management star told the guests - which reportedly consisted mostly of Brett's porn star pals and some family - that their wedding would take place in the next few months. Meanwhile, a judge recently awarded custody of four-year-old twins Bob and Max back to Brooke. She lost custody of the boys after being placed on psychiatric hold last year following a drug overdose. Charlie Sheen's other ex-wife, actress Denise Richards became their temporary guardian, but Brooke's brother Scott took over after the boys reportedly exhibited disturbing behaviour and violence....

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Lloyd banks sucking assistant dick

The actor is planning to marry the adult actress but the pair will have to wait until her divorce is finalised. It all seemed to be going so well for Charlie Sheen - after his highly publicised meltdown back in the actor appeared to have got his life back on track. Adult film actress Brett is currently in the middle of a divorce settlement and will have to wait for it to officially be over before she can say "I do. It's just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the court system. However, Brett, who is nicknamed Scottie, and her ex-husband have caused no problem for Charlie as his rep insists everything it has always been out in the open. Charlie is well aware of Scottie's situation. The Anger Management star has been married three times before - his marriage to model Donna Peele ended with an annulment and he divorced actresses Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. No wedding bells just yet Image: FameFlynet Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice Thank you for subscribing! Subscribe to our Celebs newsletter Enter email Subscribe. More On Celebrity love lives Charlie Sheen. Celebs all Most Read Most Recent. Billy Connolly Billy Connolly 'no longer recognises close friends' as Parkinson's battle takes its toll His good friend Sir Michael Parkinson opened up about the legendary comedian's ailing health, admitting his 'wonderful brain has been dulled'. Kanye West Kanye West wears too small Yeezy slippers to 2 Chainz's wedding and Twitter mocks him mercilessly The rapper's shoes were compared to orthopedic velcro footwear and prison issue slippers. Jacqueline Jossa Jacqueline Jossa's mystery man 'unveiled' as Dan Osborne's best mate after she was spotted screaming at him outside club The former EastEnders star was photographed having an...

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Pornstar charlie and her husband

Charlie Sheen's porn star fiancee Brett Rossi's divorce from first husband is finalised

Charlie Sheen's porn star fiancée Brett Rossi is still legally married to and her ex-husband have caused no problem for Charlie as his rep. Porn star Bree Olson - Rachel Oberlin - and former nanny Natalie Kenly Unconventional: Charlie and his two live-in girlfriends spent time with .. Gabrielle Union's husband Dwyane Wade jokingly threatens Jimmy Butler. Kacey Jordan, a porn star, is HIV negative. A porn star who had sex with Charlie Sheen hours before he overdosed on cocaine said .. Shanann Watts speaks on her husband and her health challenges · Police say they've. Two of Charlie Sheen's ex 'goddesses' come forward saying they are HIV The first, former porn star Bree Olson, 29, tweeted on Friday that she was .. child with husband Caleb Followill Already has a six-year-old daughter. The Anger Management star is one step closer to walking down the aisle with his porn star partner after her divorce from her first husband John.

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