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Seduction phase shifting

When I was detailing the landscape of our contemporary sexual marketplace in Navigating the SMP there comes a point on women’s SMV (sexual market value) progression where she becomes cognizant of her SMV decline and impending date with The Wall. Generally this occurs in women’s late 20’s and possibly early 30’s but as a rough estimate on the .

#1 Seduction phase shifting

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Seduction phase shifting

The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. I'm reading The Game right now, and this routine Angel horny mature left me kinda skeptical. I mean, I still a beginner, but is this something I can actually use as I get better? It's important to get a good grip of outer game fundamentals because the success that'll come out of that will put you into the positive feedback loop that'll motivate you to keep going out and improve your inner game. Knowing an escalation stack like that one will help you a lot because it gives you something to focus on and practice. This is what my escalation stack looks like:. The only thing from that routine that I have used is the Seduction phase shifting Gazing, which is a great technique. The whole Evolution Phase-Shift could potentially work, but I don't think it's essential in any way. If you got the whole thing memorized it could be cool to try it out, Seduction phase shifting the right girl, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Excessive use of routines will screw you up. Develop some standard openers so you can have interesting conversations not "come here often? Don't rely on them. Routines are a tool to support you, not a crutch to carry you through an interaction. Basically any one of the three above is enough for your entire first year of gaming girls in Seduction phase shifting field. Don't Puberty growing pains one of those guys who reads this stuff all day and never applies it. You come off as sexual right off the bat and if you keep Natali demore updates nonreactive approach to the entire ordeal you will probably get something out of it. However, i don't like routines as it makes the entire thing unnatural. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up Seduction phase shifting seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. These posts will give you a good foundation. Details Want local sedditors? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one Seduction phase shifting thousands of communities. Unrelated, after the game, I'm gonna read Tyler Durden's stuff on inner game. Want to add to the discussion? This is what my escalation stack looks like: Some great books for beginners are:


#2 Real grandma sex

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Real grandma sex

I tell her that she smells good and ask what she is wearing. Then I lean in, brush her hair aside, and sniff her slowly, moving up from the shoulder to the ear. People don't pay enough attention to smell. But you'll notice how animals, before they mate, will always smell each other. Evolution has hard-wired us to respond to certain things. You are wired to respond when someone smells you. You'll notice how lions, when they mate, always bite and tug at the end of each other's mane, right here. Then I run my hand up the back of her neck and grab a fistful of hair at the roots and pull it, downwards. Then I talk about how "No one knows this, but the most sensitive places on the body are places that are usually hidden from contact with the air, like the back of the elbow touching it and knee touching it. Any place where your body bends, twists, or folds, there are millions of sensitive little nerve endings that release endorphins. Then I take her arm, bend it a little, and erotically bite the area on the opposite side of the elbow that crease where it bends. She usually gets the chills, and I have her ratify how good it feels. If you don't know how to erotically bite a girl, learn before you do this. You want to take a big chunk of skin -- not a little pinch! You may want to practice on your own elbow first. After, I say, "But do you know what the best thing in the world is? Every now and then, I'll add, that "this has to do with the fact that it is where the jugular vein is most exposed, and since most sexual fantasies have to do with submission and vulnerability, it sends all the fantasy signals flying. Fifty percent of the time she will. If she doesn't, I just turn away calmly punish , wait a few seconds, and then turn back and repeat, "Bite me right here. Half the time, her bite is lame. If so, I correct her and say, "That's not how you bite. Evolution Phase Shift Routine. Republished with permission from mASF Forum. See Also The Kiss Tactic. Physical Connection Routine collection I. Indicators of Receptiveness to Kiss. Three Basic Guidelines for Kino. Stylelife Handbook on Kino. Enter your search terms...

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#3 Fatty indian woman

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Fatty indian woman

The two men studied three different master therapists and, using what they observed, created a system that helped practitioners become aware of the commonalities found in human interactions. NLP essentially helps organize the complex patterns inherent in human communication. So, naturally, it has become a large part of the seduction community. Neuro-Linguistic Programming has always had a deep-rooted connection with the social arts. Many gurus make outrageous claims about its power while other gurus ignore it completely. The question is, does NLP work and what is its real value in the art of pickup? For the most part, the term NLP has been misused in the seduction community. The original intention of NLP was a tool for therapists to help them communicate with patients. However, unlike a therapist, you will be sharing your stories with her in an effort to build a strong emotional connection. If you were to sit down and describe a scenario to someone, how would you describe it? Most people would talk about the sights, sounds, and feelings associated with the scenario they were describing. These senses used to describe the situation are representational systems. Each person has a primary, secondary, and tertiary representational system that they use to communicate. Someone whose primary modality is sight will use visual words to describe a situation. Conversely, if they have different primary modalities, like visual and emotional, then it will be much harder to understand each other. Learning to effectively use modalities can help the aspiring social artist communicate with a someone while building comfort. The key is to listen to the words she uses when telling a story and decide whether they are based on sight, sound, or emotion. Once you decide which representational system they use most, respond in the same modality. With practice, the practitioner should notice that the person is much more responsive to everything being said. For instance, when you hear the music that was on the first time you had sex, it will trigger memories of that experience. The method is as follows: Patterns are pre-written scripts that use many of the...

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#4 Prevention of std facts

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Prevention of std facts

A great way to do that is to watch a movie together, and spoon on the couch. Often, she didn't really intend to sleep with you, but the 2 hours of spooning and caressing will cause her to turn over at the end of the movie, start kissing, touching, clothes come off, etc etc.. Especially after a movie that stimulates her in some way be it romance, action, sex, comedy, whatever. Then, tell the chick that you're gonna help her to "relax", but still stand kinda FAR away from her, so she won't think that you're gonna suggest massage or something, in case she resists on that account. Then YOU sit down on the floor, against the wall, and without looking guilty or anything like its totally NORMAL , tell her to put her back up against yours, so that she's sitting in between the V, in between your legs. So basically, you're leaning back on the wall, with your legs spread so she can lean her back against your stomach. You're "spooning" while sitting up. Hold hands with her, and interlock your fingers. The "Rose Pattern", found in the PlayerGuide can suffice for this. I'm not really good at anchours and I dunno if they're real or not, but I just try anyway, since I figure it's a decent time to touch her or whatever. Republished with permission from mASF Forum. See Also Newspaper Ink Close. Learn Body-language to Close. Getting HB's Without Rejection. Two Kiss Close Routine. How to bring her back to your place. Stop, Would you like to kiss me. Kissing Grade Close -By Swinggcat. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Especially after a movie that stimulates her in some way be it romance, action, sex, comedy, whatever But BETTER YET, for chicks who won't...

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Cute anime girls sex

To transition between the comfort and seduction stages of pickup. A phase — shift can be a general change in communication style, as well as a phase — shift routine. There are different guidelines on how to best gauge when to phase — shift. For example, in the Mystery…. This guide is under constant improvement. Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. All the commissions I earn goes towards the costs of running the blog, and to make ongoing improvements and I only included products in this guide that I have personally…. Comedians do this very well. They start out with a joke on theme and, throughout the performance, bring up subtle references to a previous theme and story. It is important for PUAs to sometimes…. A guy who over-uses routine s as a clutch to hide his core personality. Routine s help the artist identify the experience and feeling about a certain…. Instead of searching for…. After sarging with them and watching them in the field, I have seen the same exact things over and over. They all run nearly the exact type of game, and have the same problems. This is not intended as a guide to one night stands, booty calls, etc. I teach my students and embody 2 things: Quality Game and Style Attraction. Read More About It Here. The pick up artist 's encyclopedia. Welcome to PUA Lingo!

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Seduction phase shifting

Evolution Phase Shift Routine

Evolution Phase Shift Routine. 1. I tell her that she smells good and ask what she is wearing. Then I lean in, brush her hair aside, and sniff her slowly, moving up. Quick Definition: To transition between the comfort and seduction stages of pickup. A phase-shift can be a general change in communication. Quick Definition: To transition between the comfort and seduction stages of pickup. A phase–shift can be a general change in communication style, as well as a. I'm reading The Game right now, and [this routine]( challenge// has left me kinda skeptical. There are fourteen phases in moon from full moon to the new moon and vise versa. on a full moon day, in the same way human body gets the seduction in erogenous Shifting of women's erogenous zones According to the movement of the.

Basic Electronics: Phase Shift Oscillators

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