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Vintage bambo fly fishing rods

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#1 Vintage bambo fly fishing rods

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Vintage bambo fly fishing rods

Nichols Baginski, Rolf Baxter, H. Bogart, Chris Bolt, R. Garrison, Everett Gillum, H. Mills and Son Lyons, F. Weir and Son Vintage bambo fly fishing rods, D. Whitney Sporting Goods Winston, R. Wojnicki, Mario Young, Paul H. Heddon Herters Higgins, J. Orvis Pastor and Co. Wright and McGill Eagle Claw. Abel Abu Garcia Adams, W. English Crafted Hardy Bros. Hodgson Hollander, Wm Co. Horrocks Ibbotson Horton Mfg. Hats Rod Bags and Tubes. Guy Things Water Sports. Vintage Bamboo Fly fishing rods and Reels: We Vintage bambo fly fishing rods looking Ogunquit nudist colony high quality bamboo fly St louis swing dancing lessons rod collections, large or small. We are paying higher prices for 8 foot and shorter bamboo fly fishing rods. Some of the makers' rods we want are: We are also buying quality modern and vintage fly reels such as Abel, Ari T. Walker, Winston Perfect, Zwarg etc. We own the Phillipson trademarks for the United States and Japan. We can meticulously craft rods according to Phillipson catalog specifications utilizing authentic components. We also offer Phillipson fiberglass blanks and components. We repair and refinish bamboo and fiberglass rods. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Listed below are some of the reasons you should consider consigning your collectible vintage fishing tackle with Rick's Josh holloway paparazzi. Web site since This is our full time business. Monitored burglar alarm system. Insurance for property of others while tackle is in our possession. Bars on the windows of our shop. Sliding scale consignment fee. Proven ability to sell higher priced vintage tackle. References available upon request. This location had been a tackle and rod building shop for the past 45 years under different owners. In Bob and Betty Malara bought the building Naruto bleach cosplay pics Tennyson Street and its rod building supplies and components which had been previously been owned by Fred DeBell, Van Meter and others. Massage sensual tantra to rapid turnover of our inventory, we need high quality vintage fishing tackle to replace sold items.

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An 8-foot Gillum bamboo fly rod brought to the author for his appraisal. Photo courtesy of Fred Kretchman. The phone call began with a familiar theme: My name is John. I was referred to you by Bill at North Country Anglers. He said you could help me out. Can you help me? I hear this type of question frequently, often at shows or presentations where I talk about crafting bamboo rods. It seems as though almost everyone knows someone with an old rod or a bunch of them in the closet, but few have any clue as to what they have. The value of vintage bamboo rods can be measured in different ways, financially and sentimentally, so my first questions relate to the history of the rod: Has it been in the family? If so, how long? What do you intend to do with it: On the phone, John explained that his father lived in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and knew a man named Gillum who made this fly rod for him in John said his father rarely fished this rod, so he considered the condition to be excellent. Toward the end of our conversation, I recommended that John bring the Gillum to my shop on his way to York, Maine. A few weeks later, John and his wife stopped by my shop, 8-foot Gillum rod in hand. It was just as he described: They both peppered me with questions about Mr. Gillum, as well as what I thought of the rod itself. At one point, his wife asked me what it was worth. I gave her a few moments to catch her breath, then I said: This rod is worth twice that amount. Because neither of them fly fished, they had no clue as to the monetary value of something that had been hidden in their closet for fifty-plus years. There is no single source of accurate information about the monetary value of vintage fly rods these days: How scarce is the rod? Was it a higher-quality rod, compared with the competition when it was made? Does it have the original bag, tag, and tube with label? How long is the rod, and what line weight does it cast? Was it made by a famous person or shop or someone rather obscure? Are there stories or myths surrounding the maker that would affect how his workmanship is perceived by the...


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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. With the cracks at the base would make a great display piece and probably could be brought back to use. I received this rod from my father's estate 15 years back. It has no markings - but what I can say is my dad did buy many old quality bamboo rods e. Orvis, Phillipson, Reinert, Granger, Scotty, etc. Not saying it is one of them - but he did not have low quality rods in his collection. The rod is in excellent shape, does not appear to have been fished since it was redone. The cane is straight. The reel seat is a cap and ring with a nice hardwood insert. This will be a great rod to fish on a small trout stream! Sleeve has some minor wear and the original tube is missing. This is Excellent Orvis impregnated 8'9"ft 10wt 2pcs. This rod belonged to originally a sales rep that worked for Orvis. The rod only had one tip. The blanks are straight and raps and guides have been redone at Orvis shop. Please note, when the rod was sent to Orvis, I had them make another tip so the rod comes with two tips. They put the matching serial numbers on the new tip. That impressed me and is plus for the new owner of this rod. Very nice taper, a delicate light Bamboo rod for catching small trout. This fly rod is gorgeous. Goodwin Granger Favorite in excellent original condition. Original ferrules are in similarly great shape. They fit tightly and pop when separated. Patented Granger uplocking reel seat is in excellent condition and works flawlessly. This is my latest, a Paul Young Para 14 taper. I use only first rate components, including US made nickel silver Super Z style ferrules, flor grade cork, silk windings and varnish finished. This is a nice New Custom rod. A very nice feel to the hand and a beautiful piece of wood! Nice brown agate guide. Wrapped in a black and white Jasper...

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Skip to main content. Bamboo Fly Rods Refine Results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Orvis Bamboo Fly Rod See more. It hasn't been fished in the many years I have owned it. Four piece and one tip. This rod has not been used much. I am the second owner of this rod. I bought this from This is Excellent Orvis impregnated 8'9"ft 10wt 2pcs. This rod belonged to originally a sales rep that worked for Orvis. The rod only had one tip. The blanks are straight and raps and guides have bee I made a mistake when I listed this last week. Three piece and two tip. Rod is in very good condition. Rod cork is sligh This rod has not been fished a whole lot. Writing on rod and label states: Vintage Bamboo Fly Rods See more. Mills Leonard Baby Catskill 7' 6" 3 pc. The rod was for many years in the original condition. The rod tube and bag are original. And, I found a HL Leonard fish priest in a box of old fishing odds and ends. I listed it as used but if it was, it wasnt very much! All the eyelets are intact and in good condition. The ferrels are intact and in good condition also. The cork handle is in real good condition. Heddon Bamboo Fly Rod See more. Here is a full length Black Beauty that would make a perfect and fun 5 wt trout rod. The other tip is fine and could be fished as is, but I would do a restoration, on the complete rod, saving the scri I only buy rods that were made by talented builders and ALL are wonderful old classics that are both very collectible and great f This is a vintage...

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Vintage bambo fly fishing rods

Bamboo Fly Rods

Results 1 - 48 of Vintage Heddon #10 8 1/2' 2F Bamboo Fishing Fly Rod. Excellent William Read & Sons Boston Rare Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod. 9ft 7wt. An 8-foot Gillum bamboo fly rod brought to the author for his appraisal. The value of vintage bamboo rods can be measured in different ways. Classic vintage split cane bamboo fly fishing rods poles for sale Payne Dickerson Orvis Gillum Carpenter Granger Carmichael Garrison Aroner Leonard Taylor. From time to time we will offer vintage and used fly fishing tackle. Please check back often for new additions. We are always interested in purchasing or taking. "Whether your rod was inherited or it only cost you $ at a local garage sale, there will always be a need for a resource that can identify and educate.".

Vintage Bamboo Fly to know

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