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Why nickel plate brass

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#1 Why nickel plate brass

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Why nickel plate brass

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Log in or Sign up. Nickel plated vs Brass cases any advantage? Aug 23, Messages: Another dumb question is there a benefit to Nickel plated vs plain brass cases? ArkansasFatboy , Jul 4, Nov 16, Messages: Nickel is obviously cleaner appearance-wise, but in rifle cartridges I read recently in Handloader Magazine nickel can cause premature barrel wear due to some nickel making it to the inside of the case neck, embedding in the bullet, and getting dragged down the barrel when fired. There is no obvious reason nickel is better, unless you are a shiny case whore reloader. I use brass because it's cheaper. Sep 30, Messages: Nickel is easier to clean, but in my experience it reaches the end of its life cracks before plain brass. Nov 21, Messages: Supposedly, nickel has better lubricity and loading characteristics, but I've had more trouble with nickel plated brass than with regular brass. I think the only reason there is nickel plated brass other than appearance is for the corrosion protection. I've seen the ammo in bins designated for "special duty", it was nickel plated. There's nothing quite like looking at a 3' square bin filled with freshly minted ammo - it makes want to back up the truck and load up. GaryL , Jul 4, Jan 29, Messages: The only real advantage between brass and nickel plated brass is that nickel plated brass will not corrode when carried for long periods of time in leather belt loops. The Bushmaster , Jul 4, Feb 1, Messages: Nov 20, Messages: They are pretty, they stay cleaner, they clean up easier and they expire more quickly. I have a box or two of nickle cased rounds for several calibers that are loaded with max loads and good bullets. If the going gets rough, I just have to grab some nickle rounds from the safe and I'm good to go. I know they are defensive type rounds without reading the fine print. Walkalong , Jul 4, If for self defence Put yer glasses on. I don't want you shootin' me by accident. Contrary to popular opinion I'm one of the good guys One of the other reasons for nickel plated cases was for law enforcement when they were carrying revolvers and kept the rounds in belt loops. Plain brass corrodes green slim and nickel doesn't. Jan 1, Messages: Transplanted away from...

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Why nickel plate brass

Nickel plated vs Brass cases any advantage?

Nickel-plated brass is an underrated option when it comes to valves. Combining the high shine of stainless steel with nickel-plating adds some. Cheap nickel-plated brass casing ammo for sale at wholesale prices. Nickel- plated brass ammunition in bulk at Live inventory + same day shipping!. I was on another site and saw a guy asking about getting nickel plated brass I was wondering why use it other than looks. Does nickel plated. I shoot a lot of auto hand guns and the nickels seem to cycle much better and faster, easier and faster to clean in the tumbler and my hand gun. Another dumb question is there a benefit to Nickel plated vs plain brass cases?.

Brass plating

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